all wels - ecology

The latest developments in the construction and energy management field have transformed all wels into a "green hall".

Maximum insulation, the hall-in-hall structure of the frozen foods warehouse and the latest heating and cooling technology (e.g. 100% of the waste heat from cooling is used for temperature management purposes in the warehouse) are setting new energy saving standards for logistics buildings.

In order to reduce UV and heat radiation, few light domes are used. The roof area is also used for a ‘solar power plant’ with an approx. 1 megawatt output. On-site cooperation partners, efficient use of space and well-devised construction measures support the ecology of the area and enable optimal and environmentally-friendly logistics processes.

300 tonnes of CO2 are saved each year through the use of a special cooling agent, thereby achieving a 20% lower GWP factor (Global Warming Potential / greenhouse effect).